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Troop 133/1033 - Hybrid Model - Dec 2020 and beyond

Posted on Nov 23 2020 - 12:07am

Troop 133/1033 families,

Thank you to all of you who attended the parent meeting last Thursday.  After reviewing the feedback we received from that meeting, we have decided to attempt a hybrid model of scouting over the next few months to keep scouts engaged while prioritizing safety.  

We will plan outdoor in-person meetings one Saturday/month to work on a scouting activity. The first event will be EcoGames/orienteering on December 12 at Belzer.  Future events will be determined by the incoming youth leadership team. We will avoid overnight outings and meetings indoors until further notice.  Masks, social distancing, and proper hand hygiene are required at all events.

Plan Outline:
- One Saturday/month for outdoor scout activity/craft, with older scouts leading younger ones to promote advancement at all levels.
- Zoom Parent meetings on the Mondays following Saturday events.
- New Patrol Leader Council (PLC) to participate in New Youth Leadership Training to prepare for their roles as leaders. Date/location TBD. 
- PLC will meet to plan outings/activities and to discuss the needs of the Troop and the individual Patrols they represent. Frequency and location TBD. 
- Zoom to be utilized by Troop when necessary. For example, by Patrol to work on rank related advancement, to prepare for outings, for Boards of Review (BOR), etc.

This plan will only succeed with high parental involvement. We plan to revitalize the “patrol parent” initiative that we launched last year.  We need at least one parent per patrol to coordinate scouts’ advancement.  This work will involve communicating with other parents to arrange meetings among patrol members (either on zoom or in person) so they can work on their rank advancement and/or merit badges as a cohort.  Patrol parents will also coordinate with assistant scoutmasters and merit badge counselors to make sure scouts have the information they need to advance and that their advancements are properly recorded in the troops’ records.   

Also be on the lookout for a Path to Eagle Workshop led by Jerry Phillips in December/January.  This workshop will cover the timing and art of completing the final stages of the Eagle requirements: the Eagle Project, the Eagle Binder, and the Eagle Board of Review.   

Scout Holiday Gift Ideas 2020

Posted on Nov 22 2020 - 9:41pm

Dear Families of Troops 133 and 1033,

If you are looking for a holiday gift that will support your family’s scouting activities, we hope you will find this little flyer helpful. The suggestions are based on our observations and experiences from “the field.” We are working on a more comprehensive list of gear and shopping tips that we will post on a dedicated page on the troop website. In the meantime, we hope this flyer sparks some ideas and brings you cheer. We wish you and your scout the very best for this holiday season!

The Adult Leaders of T133 and T1033
November, 2020

No Scout Meeting on Monday 11-23-20 due to Thanksgiving Break

Posted on Nov 22 2020 - 6:46pm

The PLC and Scouts will NOT meet on November 23,2020 due to the Thanksgiving Break.

Enjoy the holiday.

Scout Meeting on Monday 11-16-20 - Schedule Change

Posted on Nov 15 2020 - 10:05pm

Monday, 11-16-20, will be the last in-person Scout meeting for a while. Leaders will do all we can to ensure safety, social distance, warmth, etc. Everyone should be prepared for most of the Scout Meeting to be outdoors if weather permits. If you do not feel safe, or have concerns, please stay home.

Elections of Youth Leaders will be a part of the Scout Meeting on Monday. This will include Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders. Scouts who have an interest in being a part of the Youth Leadership Team should contact their Scoutmaster to confirm their eligibility for the leadership position they are considering to be a candidate.

Younger scouts (Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class) will focus on advancement, so come prepared with any paperwork or records of completed requirements for adult leaders to sign off. We will also have leaders ready to teach skills as needed.

Older scouts (First Class, Star, Life, Eagle) can either assist with advancement or begin 90-day Eagle required Merit Badge courses offered by Mr Huizinga (Personal Management) and Mrs Leffler (Physical Fitness, Family Life). These MB courses will be limited in class size and scouts can RSVP on the Troop calendar. Due to the limited class size, these MB courses are geared towards first class and above scouts, but exceptions can be made for scouts close to first class if space remains available.

To all Leaders on this email, we are doing the best that we can based on the information that we are receiving. We will meet on Monday as a Troop, but it is not known when we will all be together again. I hope it is soon. The Scout Program is intended to be a very social endeavor. It was not meant to be completed in isolation, or on Zoom remote meetings. However, we will do what we need to do to accommodate rank advancement and merit badges.

Our leadership has been discussing multiple options going forward. A Parent Meeting via Zoom will be planned soon to replace the scheduled Parent Meeting that was planned for Monday. An email invite will be sent in advance of this virtual meeting. 

If you have any questions, please address them to Steve Ferguson

Steve Ferguson
Committee Chair
Troop 133 and Troop 1033

Brown County Campout Highlights

Posted on Nov 15 2020 - 7:57pm

Troops 133 and 1033 had an exciting and successful outing this past weekend.  An amazing amount was accomplished in just under 24 hours.  
Some highlights include:
- quick setup of camp Friday evening, and quick breakdown of camp Saturday before lunch
- Friday evening campfire, and Saturday afternoon fire in the CCC shelter
- 3.3 mile horseback ride
- quick pivot to plan B due to sudden weather change
- several hours Saturday afternoon for rank advancement, games and free time
- 100% mask compliance

Of note, we had:
- three scouts of Scout rank complete a total of 31 requirements
- four Tenderfoot scouts complete a total of 23 requirements
- four Second Class scouts complete a total of 8 requirements

A special shout out to all the adults who helped make this trip and the rank advancement session possible!  

Brown County Horseback Riding Campout UPDATE - One Night and No Cooking

Posted on Nov 9 2020 - 6:07am

Troop families,

We have updated the plan for this weekend's Brown County Horseback riding campout.  The campout will now be a one night campout, with no cooking.  We will still plan to meet at the Holt House on Friday at 5:30pm and aim to depart around 6:00pm.  Once again, we will avoid car pooling and ask families to provide transportation for their scouts to and from the event.  We will ask parents to pick up scouts from Brown County around 5:00pm on Saturday.  

This will be a non-cooking campout, which means scouts should bring their food for Saturday breakfast, lunch and snack in a cooler.  

The cost will be reduced to $40 since there will be no Troop food to purchase. If you have already paid $55, your scout account will be credited the difference. 

It may get chilly on Friday night, so make sure the scouts bring warm sleeping gear.  And hiking boots are required to ride horses (boots with a heal) and long pants.  

As there are no adults attending that own a truck to pull a trailer, we may try to load tents and other gear into personal vehicles.  Please state in the comments section if you have a van that can carry Troop gear.  


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